Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too easy

Wendy Li via Daring Fireball
However, when iPhone 4S was launched, Apple fans were disappointed somehow, for they were expecting the redesigned iPhone 5 as rumors suggested. Naturally, many analysts had predicted a subdued response to iPhone 4S. 
But no one foresaw that the tech genius Jobs would suddenly pass away, only one day after iPhone 4S was released. Jobs’ demise stirred sadness and grief around the world and it’s believed that Jobs’ untimely death has rocketed demand for iPhone 4S from consumers.
Paul Thurrott via Daring Fireball
Apple’s lackluster iPhone 4S garnered more than 1 million preorders in its first 24 hours of availability, though much of that is likely tied to the delayed launch. 
Pundits say the iPhone 4S is lackluster so sales will be lackluster. Sales are spectacular. Do Pundits admit they were wrong? Of course not. They look for a way to explain why their reasoning was correct but their conclusions were wrong. "The lackluster phone sold well? Must have been Steve Jobs' death. Must have been the delayed launch."

How about iPhone 4S sales were great because Apple's customers think that it would be great to own the iPhone 4S?

Nah, too easy.


  1. Don't forget these bloggers are in the business of attracting page views on their sites. Posting the "easy" explanation wouldn't get nearly as many hits as posting unprovable, controversial assertions.

    If Thurrott's theory was true, why aren't more Android OEMs following Apple? They seem to be introducing upgraded devices even more frequently. Atrix 2 is arriving 8 months after the first Atrix.

  2. I agree that Thurrott is writing inflammatory stuff just to garner hits. But I think Ms. Lee and many others genuinely believe that people are buying iPhones just because Steve Jobs died last week. I even heard someone calling the iPhones "keepsakes" as a way of honoring Jobs' memory.

    That's stupid crazy. People are buying iPhones because people want to own iPhones. No convoluted logic need apply.